Our mission is to prove that the impossible is possible.
Our vision: applied improvisation as a basic skill of every professional, for working with passion and by using their talent.

We are improvisation theatre actors with great real-world business experience. And we offer a unique service in the Baltic states.

Our "why"

  • because we believe
  • because we've seen the success of the method
  • because this is a super exciting process!

We speek Latvian, English & Russian.

We cooperate with companies in all Baltic states & Europe  - online or offline


Aija Iesalniece

An applied improv practitioner.
Speciality: communication, leadership and team governance.
A supervisor with a master's in psychology of management. 
An improv theatre actress with 20+ years of experience. A guest lecturer in universities (communication and improv). A speaker at local and international conferences.

Elīna Biseniece

Applied Improvisation Trainer
Speciality: adapting with creativity, cooperation and making ideas come true.
A digital communication expert & experienced content creator.
An improv theatre actress with 15 years of experience.

Krišjānis Berķis

Applied Improvisation Trainer
Speciality: communication and team collaboration.
An improv theatre actor with 9+ years of experience. A communication trainer & event moderator.