If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. //John Quincy Adams

Training program for managers
  • You are playing on several teams simultaneously 
  • You must cope with the unpredictable
  • You must inspire and motivate
  • You must collaborate
  • You must see and live the vision
  • You must regenerate your internal energy and power resources
  • You must be charismatic
  • you must make decisions when there is not enough information
  • You must... be a superhero, right?

Confidence & charisma

Succesful change communication

Decision making in stressful and constantly changing environment

Your natural leadership style 

Inspiring team (including hybrid challenge - working from home & from office)

Flexibility of statuses



  • Trainings are made so that the leader would allow himself to experiment with different patterns of behaviour in practice, and would create most effective ones for himself
  • Training is combined with theory, business psychology and newest research results
  • The training methods can later be used by the leader in work with his team

We help leaders strengthen natural leadership skills and expand their improviser mindset.
What is improvisation mindset? Here is it explained with PLAY! model

Be present, connected and in the moment

LEAP into it
Experiment. Dare to make mistakes in order to make progress, Just do it. Build the plane while flying it!

Be open to others, allow yourself and your way of working to be changed

Say YES to New and Unexpected, build upon each other’s ideas, make the other look good

! Impact
Be bold, passionate and engaged

Join our training program: When: From 14th of March, 3pm -5pm EEST
How often: once per week, Mondays, 10 times
Where: Zoom
  • 14.03., 21.03., 28.03., 4.04., 11.04., 18.04., 25.04., 2.05., 9.05., 16.05
  • Price: 40 eur/class
    Pay only for first class. After that - decide if this program is for you

    Limited number of participants: 6-10 
    Currently unavailable

    What customers say
    "I liked everything - starting with the methods and games, the originality, and following with practical applicability in my working life."
    "A lot of practical tasks. Among the lessons I learned: think outside the box, trust/respect/accept colleagues' & customers' ideas, be creative and proactive."
    "At the beginning, I took it as a joke. However, that changes after the first 10 minutes. Practical, precise and very useful. Thanks!"
    // from anonymous after training satisfaction surveys

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