A training program for confident leaders.

Become one of the first in the Baltic States to learn an improviser’s way of thinking in leadership. A skill already used worldwide by companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple, to react confidently, motivate teams and build collaborations even in the most challenging and unexpected situations.

Today, it's a V.U.C.A. world out there - unpredictable and changing rapidly. Leadership in such circumstances requires the ability to react calmly but with focus.

Target audience:

  • team leaders (regardless of team size)
  • company managers
  • HR managers
  • project managers
  • professionals who want to become managers
  • professionals wishing to develop their leadership skills in crisis situations

Use improvisational thinking to:

  • react calmly while staying focused in unexpected situations, and maintain the level of performance of the team and yourself in crisis

  • motivate the team to collaborate and be proactive (with no extra $ bonuses)

  • learn and practice behavior status flexibility to achieve your goals (the A-Z method)

  • be able to tell complex stories in a simple and engaging way

  • create a psychologically safe environment in the team

  • build confidence even in difficult situations


Open training program for leaders

Imagine yourself on a regular Monday - holding a team meeting & reviewing the week's results. Your computer is connected to the big screen showing the latest results. Your team comments on them, you discuss the next steps to be taken. And then suddenly a window pops up on the screen - an incoming email from a board member with the first words being: "ASAP, reduce staff....". The meeting room falls into a dead silence. Your team is shocked but no one says anything. Everybody is just exchanging looks in complete silence, trying to find answers. You are growing anxious, too, because you also have only seen the first words, but you cannot open the whole message now. However, you have a pretty good idea of what it will say. You try to continue with the meeting, but there is this giant elephant in the room now and the tension is palpable even to the naked eye. A lot depends on how you act right now.

This is one of the examples shared by a graduate of our course - when it's been necessary for a leader to use improvisational thinking to resolve a situation successfully and confidently. You can learn to do it too.

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Improvisational thinking in leadership means you can adapt quickly to fast-changing circumstances, and keep your team up to this standard. You're able to create solutions on the go, and see opportunities even when everything seems to be falling apart

The program author and trainer - Aija Iesalniece

Aija is a senior executive with many years of experience in multinational companies, having managed up to 600+ large teams worldwide.

Certified Supervisor, Master's degree in Management Psychology. Introducer of applied improvisation in Latvia. Guest lecturer at universities. Improviser with more than 20 years of experience.

In this course she has combined her knowledge of applied improvisation and business management psychology, creating a unique environment for any leader's growth.

A word from our customers

"I liked everything - the methods, the original approach and the fact that I can apply them practically in my daily life. This kind of leadership training was new to me and definitely very useful in my work."

"Lots of practical exercises. Lessons I took away: to think outside the box, to accept/respect/notice what a colleague and a client says, to be creative and to take initiative"
"At first I took it as a joke. But that changed after the first 10 minutes. Practical, precise and very useful. Thank you!"
Thank YOU very very much for the superb course!!!! It was very powerful and useful for my growth! My manager has already noticed and appreciated it, as have my international colleagues whom I've been communicating to online these days.”