Rumor has it that USSR spies were trained with the simplest version of this game "The Mafia"

When it is impossible to distinguish a friend from an enemy, use: 
  • ability to hear behind words
  • ability to notice the finest nuances,
  • ability to convince about your vision,
  • and ... iron nerves
"Werewolf" is a leadership game based on "Mafia against Parliament", in which you must be able to:
  • cooperate
  • develop a strategy
  • take risks
  • make decisions without knowing the whole situation
  • gain trust
  • communicate convincingly
  • see the details and notice the invisible
In other words, you have to be a true leader in the business jungle.

  • can be played both online and in person (if online, then each participant has their own computer and a separate room, we use Zoom.) 
  • duration 2-3 h 
  • number of participants: 8-16

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