We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habbit. //Aristotle

Methods of applied improv: a unique tool for HR

Reading between the lines of a CV and everything said during an interview, takes a lot of focus and energy from you.
There is an easier way how you can find out in minutes
whether the candidate possesses the required soft skills. It's called applied improvisation. 

Identify soft skills of your potential employees with the applied improv methods

  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • empathy
  • cooperation
  • diversity acceptance
  • stress management
  • working ability in highly dynamic environment

Spontaneous and natural reaction

Identify skills in pre-defined environment

A unique tool for HR

Applicable for online and offline

360* view on the employee profile

Naturally suitable employee for the job specifics

About the process:

We are using applied improv methods that create real life feeling in a playful environment.
The methods have no correct answer or rules to follow. Potential employees must be  spontaneous, thus showing what their natural reactions and skills are under the defined circumstances.

Models of cooperation:

1. We train your employee to use the methods 
Most applicable for a regular similar profile employee recruitment process. For example, customer service specialists or sales persons.

2. We use the methods during your recruitment process
Most applicable for unique situations, for example, a department head or manager recruitment.
What our customers say
"A very unique method, and it was useful for our specific department head recruitment process."
"It was hard to imagine how this could work, until I tried the method myself. I suggest everyone tries it, so that you could see how impossible it is to fake within it. It really shows your real reactions and behaviour under a defined situation."
"This is awesome! Thanks, we're very intrigued"

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